Direct Media Communications

Our group offers co-op direct mail programs for specific target markets



Luxe Direct

This program is directed towards affluent residents based on property values. Through this program a business or practice can target only the affluent population in their target market for a direct mail campaign.


Seniors Direct

Our Seniors Direct program targets seniors in the market who are 62-75 years of age. Our mailing list is filtered by geographic area, age and property value from the highest value and descending down


Neighborhood Marketplace

Neighborhood Marketplace is a direct mail program reaching very specific targeted neighborhoods with tasteful ads from local businesses, professionals

and healthcare practices.



Plaza Direct

We offer a specific program for tenants of shopping plazas to promote their business to the residents that live within a short distance of the plaza location. Our Plaza Direct program includes an incentive promotion to create traffic to the plaza.





Our Business

We are in the business of creating and producing brands, concepts and projects utilizing the platforms of media productions, communications, and live events. This is what we do.

Everyday, we develop ideas into resources that buusinesses can use to connect to their target markets.


Our Unique Projects Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

See the individual tabs on the top for our current productions, brands, services and projects

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