Elder Law Media Partners


ELMP is a platform that offers resources and services to Elder Law attorneys to connect to the marketplace, develop clients and build their professional brand.


Our platform offers the following services:

*  Direct Marketing Campaigns

*  Referral Development Program

*  Email Marketing

*  Public Relations and Publicity

*  Social Media Content and Development

*  Educational Seminar and Conference Creation and Production

*  Public Speaking Coaching and Bookings

*  Video Content Development and Production for Web Site, Social Media and email Communications

*  Creation, Production and Management of a YouTube Channel

*  Participation in Monthly On-Line Conferences with Other Elder Law attorneys on Client and Brand Building

*  Development of Newsletters That Generate Cash Subscriptions

*  Creation of Classes. Courses and Workshops that People Will Pay to Attend

*  Personal Coaching on Client Development and Professional Brand Building





Whether your company requires short-term or long-term measures, our expert advice will help you navigate safely into your corporate future.


Our Business

We are in the business of creating  brands, concepts and projects. This is what we do.

Creative thought and market opportunities is what drives us.


Our Unique Projects Cannot Be Found Anywhere Else

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