Strategic Partners


We Can Help You with Six Strategic Activities for Your Business


1] Business Sale Package

We will put together a professional presentation package for you to sell your business without a business broker. Our basic package includes a print presentation that includes all the information about your business a buyer would be interested in. We can also include a digital version and even virtual tours or video production about your business or products or services if you choose. Our services also include a marketing strategy to sell your business on your own, non-disclosure forms and other resources you can utilize to successfully sell your business.


2] Asset Sales

Our group can sell your equipment, inventory or assets on your behalf to raise money through our national network to attempt to obtain the highest cash value for you.


3] Business Liquidation

We can help you make an orderly liquidation of your business. In addition to helping you sell your assets, we can help you negotiate your debts, leases and with other obligations and assist you with all the actions that need to be taken to exit your business if you do not sell it.


4] New Location Development

We can find a new location, assist with lease negotiation s, floor plan design, build-out management and other aspects of setting up a new location.


5] Purchase Another Business

If you wish to grow your footprint by acquiring another business, our group can identify target businesses, approach them on your behalf, analyze all aspects of a target business and help you negotiate the purchase.


6] License Your Brand to a Third-Party Independent Operator

If you have a successful business model, we can assist you with the development of a brand licensing program. With this program, you can offer operational training, an operating process blueprint, materials and a business model to people who want to operate their own business but wish to tap into a turn-key model with training rather than start from scratch on their own. We can put together all of the components of your licensing program and help you market it to the public.

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We are in the business of creating  brands, concepts and projects. This is what we do.

Creative thought and market opportunities is what drives us.


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