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Our Senior Resources Network develops educational platforms for businesses, professionals and healthcare practices to utilize to reach, educate and connect to targeted senior markets.



 Our resources and activities include:


Aging Well for Seniors Conferences and Expos

These educational events are targeted to the affluent senior market. Our Aging Well Conference for Seniors is a one-day forum where seniors can gain insight on how to live better and healthier as they age. Our conference features a series of presentations by local experts in the critical areas of health, financial, legal and lifestyle needs to provide valuable information to them that they should be aware. The program also includes a trade show/Expo section for businesses, professionals or practices to provide information and resources about their products or services to the senior guests.


The Aging Well for Seniors events, held in country club or resort venues provides the affluent senior an intimate educational experience near where they live for access to learn about what they need to know and the ability to be aware of resources to assist them all under one roof.


Conference for Affluent Children of Aging Parents

Our educational event for middle-aged affluent children is about providing them with education, awareness and exposure to resources that they need and wish to know about as they face the growing challenges of caring for and making decisions about their parents as they go through the phases of aging. A limited number expert speakers in the areas of finances, legal, senior living and other critical subject areas make educational presentations. There are also businesses who provide services and products to seniors set up in booth spaces for the attendees to visit. This is also an event about creating a platform for conversations between attendees and the professionals, healthcare practitioners and senior provider businesses on a one on one basis to establish a knowledge base and a relationship so that when the need arises in any area of their parent’s lives, the attendees have an established connection to call upon to assist them.


Senior Financial Planning and Retirement Forum                                                   This educational program includes lectures and resources to assist seniors navigate their fiancial planning, asset protection and income avenues in their retirement years.


Education Forums

One of the educational programs we offer to churches and Senior Living Communities is an in-house event program for their senior citizen members and family members who are seeking information on services and resources that they might need as the senior goes though the aging process.


We provide the panel of businesses, professionals and healthcare practices who provide services to seniors. Each panel member offers a short educational presentation on their area of expertise and take questions from the audience. This is followed by a general group discussion of issues facing seniors and an open discussion with the audience that the whole panel addresses from their points of view. The result of this is that the audience receives valuable advice and insight on their needs all under one roof without having to go in many directions and spend countless of hours attempting to search for this information.


The Senior Letter

Our Senior Letter publication, in a newsletter-style format is designed to give seniors good information in an easy to read manner about topics that are important and relevant to their health, finances, estate planning, lifestyle and daily living. The Senior Letter features columns of advice by local experts who can provide advice and feedback in these subject areas.

This publication is direct mailed to affluent seniors quarterly and we publish different editions by geographic areas.



Senior Lifestyles Magazine

We publish a monthly publication that is distributed to seniors directly,  and through senior living communities


Web Portal for Information, Resource and Advice for Seniors

We are currently developing a web site that will be a comprehensive portal for seniors. Included on the site will be a resource directory, articles of advice, blogs, links to professionals, video interviews with experts and senior discussion forums. There is no other site available for seniors that includes all this information and resources in one place. Also included will be a click button for a senior or their family member to receive a referral at no charge to a professional or business for any need they may have. This site will be marketed heavily to the public to drive traffic to the site.


Aging in Place Advisory Group

We offer a service to assist seniors who wish to stay in their homes. Our advisor visits with th senior to evaluate their needs and circumstances and then brings together the businesses or resources to meet their objective of staying in their home. We stay involved from beginning to the end of the process to assist the senior and to be their advocate in working with the businesses and organizations that are either making a physical modification to their home or providing a service that will allow them to stay in their home. 

                                                                                                                                              Seniors Referral Network

We are in continual contact with the seniors who live in our market areas and offer complimentary referrals to senior providers in our network who can assist them when they have a need.





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