Market Campaigns and Programs



Our group offer marketing concepts, programs and services to help businesses and professionals generate new business and cash.



Email Campaigns

Our group can develop effective professional email templates and send them to your database or to prospective new clients or patients. We can use your email database and also provide additional email lists. We can also assist you with creating e-newsletters using the email platform as an educational or business development tool.


Videos for Your Social Media, email Communications and Web Site

Video is becoming the wave of the future in how businesses present their story or communicate through the web. We can visit your location and produce any type of professional video you need on an as needed basis or through a regularly scheduled routine to create new video on an on-going basis.


Flyer or Brochure Distribution

We can create a flyer or brochure for your business and distribute it by hand to businesses or residents in your target market.


Custom Marketing Strategy or Services

Our group can develop a creative marketing plan for your business for you to execute or we can market your business on your behalf.


Apartment Community Promotions

We can create a promotion for residents of the apartment communities around your business and arrange to have it distributed to each resident and also new residents moving in during the month.


Co-Op Marketing Campaign

Let us create a marketing campaign for you to reach your target market and then we will secure other non-competing businesses that wish to reach the same target market to participate and share the costs of the program with you to reduce your marketing expense or even eliminate it completely.


Business Benefits Program

We can offer your products or services to employers in your market to offer it to their employees and the employee families as a benefit. It creates business and constant exposure for you. Ask us for more details on how this program works.


New Resident Promotions

Reach new potential customers and clients in your area before your competition does. We will mail your introductory certificate weekly to new residents who move into the zip codes of your choice. You can also select new residents by the value of their home.


Captive Ads in Your Location and Others

Generate cash from your real estate. We will arrange to place tasteful ads in your location where you allow from other businesses who wish to gain exposure to your type of customers who visit you. You will receive a monthly fee for each ad placement. We can also arrange for you to place your ads in other businesses who have customers that are similar to yours as well.


Direct Mail Services

We offer full service direct mail options for you to connect to your marketplace. Our group can create your mailing piece, produce it, acquire the targeted mailing list and mail your pieces for you.


Loyalty or Referral Programs

There is cash and revenue sitting in your business that you may not be leveraging. We offer two ways to increase revenue from your existing base of clients or patients. [1] Gain additional business from your clients or customers by increasing the number of times they visit you or increase their purchase amounts when they visit you. [2] Motivate your existing clients or customers to refer an average of two additional new clients or customers to you. We will develop a program that is customized for your specific business. 


Graphic Design and Branding

Our in-house graphic design department can design brochures, logos, promotions, post cards, facebook and Instagram posts or for any other of your design needs.


Podcast Productions

Do you wish to produce your own podcast? Our team can handle everything for you from content planning, research support, podcast production and post production work, marketing your podcast to acquire new listeners and arranging for your podcast to be listed on apps for download.


Web TV Shows and YouTube Channels

You can have your own web broadcast television show concept or your own branded Youtube channel with our broadcast services.


Blog Creating and Maintenance

We can create, write and maintain a blog in your name if you feel that this tool will enhance your business as a tool to communicate to your market.



We can create and write professional newsletters for your business to send to clients and prospects in either a print and/or email version.



Radio Advertising

Reach your audience through targeted radio advertising. We will write your ad, produce it and place it on stations that match your target markets.


Television or Cable Ad Packages

We can create and produce quality ads and place them for you on broadcast television channels or cable channels that match your targeted markets and geographic areas you wish to reach.


Billboard Advertising

Do you wish to promote your business via billboards in your area? We will assist you with choosing the right roads to choose. create your billboard campaign and arrange to have your promotion featured on the billboards you choose.


Professional Photography

Through our Dakota Studios group, we can provide professional photographers for any specific need you may have.


Drone Marketing

The use of a drone presentation or feature is becoming a popular social media or web site component for some businesses that can benefit by outside overhead views captured by drone. We can provide this to you as a one-time or as a continuing service.


Seminar or Conference Program Development

We have several years of experience in developing our own seminars and conferences throughout the United States. We can create a turn-key seminar or conference series for you and also assist with promoting for you if you wish.


Business Sale Package

If you have decided it is time to transition out of your business our group can help you “package” your business so that you can successfully market your business in the open market or confidentially to find the right buyers. Our turn-key service includes [1] Market analysis to give you an informed opinion of what you should ask for your business [2] confidentiality and other forms you want to have potential buyers sign before you share information about your business [3] business presentation tools including your story, suggested opportunities to grow the business, financial proforma and images. We can present your business through a print book, private web site, and/or video presentation [4] Customized marketing strategy for your specific business and your market.




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